Save Samuels


Samuels Public Library is under attack! A small group of 53 people called "Clean Up Samuels" are seeking to silence LGBTQ+ voices by abusing Samuels Public Library's reconsideration system - drowning our librarians in now over 800 forms, the vast majority about books they've never even read

Then, they went after the library's funding at the Warren County Board of Supervisors meeting on June 6th, 2023. Despite being forewarned that this special interest group was potentially violating Virginia law, the Supervisors allowed themselves to be used as political pawns - and held back 75% of the library's budget until the library finishes the plan they created to address the situation. The library has set that plan in place since July 11, 2023 - but the board has yet to release the library's funding.

We, the community, see this for what it is, and we won't allow our library to be used as a political wedge to win over religious voters at the expense of our LGBTQ+ community.

     We, the over 1000 members of Save Samuels, demand the funding be released now.


Top Ten Things to Know about Samuels Public Library and the Save Samuels Fight